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This website is not intended to recruit people to carry out combat or (para-)military activities for a country of which the person is not a national. This also applies to persons with nationality of an EU country to carry out such actions for countries for which he/she does not have nationality.

This website is not intended to initiate contracts, transactions or similar intentions regarding military weapons, ammunition or dual-use goods. The statements on this website are not intended to compete with third parties, to acquire funds or additional shareholders or to recruit clients of any kind.

We do not initiate any business transactions that would require approval under the German War Weapons Control Act or comparable EU or US laws. Furthermore, compliance with the British Export Control Joint Units (ECJU), their Online Export License System (SPIRE) for military and dual-use goods for companies based in Great Britain as well as comparable Canadian regulations applies.

We do not employ any employees from Russia, Iran, North Korea, China or similarly critical origins and have no business or other relationships with countries and their citizens that are embargo states from the perspective of the EU, the Commonwealth or the USA.

Against this background, we act as a lobbyist (without intermediary activity) for weapons and ammunition producers and support NGOs in the fight against environmental crimes and corruption as well as arbitrary authority.

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